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A national provider of pre-employment screening services and employee background checks for human resource managers. Services include instant criminal background checks, sex offender search, name and address history trace by SSN, DMV driving records search, professional reference, credential, education & employment verifications.
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Tenant Screening (Applicant Screening Services)

  Tenant Screening Services and Landlord Criminal Background Checks

For Apartment Management Companies & Landlords

If you are renting out one apartment unit or a hundred thousand units, you need access to as much information as you can get. You need to evaluate your applicant’s ability to pay the rent, find out if they have ever been evicted, verify their employment status, and accurately determine if they pose a threat to your apartment or rental community. For landlords and apartment management companies that agree with the importance of these background checks, reports and references, is a perfect fit for you. Our online system not only gives you all this access to information and reports, it also is a transactional management system tailored to your needs that tracks, stores and updates you on the status of all your transactions.

It is common knowledge that landlords and apartment management companies want to reduce their risks and their vacancies. This plan gives apartment leasing staff and landlords the extra tools needed to verify, with confidence, whether or not a prospective tenant has been previously evicted, has a criminal history, and are who they say they are, and have lived where they say they’ve lived. Verifying their current employment status, job history and education records adds another layer in proving a potential resident is qualified to lease from you. It is not enough in today's transient society to simply run a credit report on a potential tenant before renting to them. Incorporating a criminal background check into your applicant screening criteria can help keep your community safe and your mind at peace. Landlords and apartment leasing agents can now perform criminal background checks, education verifications, reference checks, eviction searches and more through our website and get (in most cases) instant results. Giving immediate ability to review any criminal record and determine whether or not a particular applicant is qualified to rent from you.

Tenant Screening Services
  Are you a landlord or property manager looking for Tenant Screening Services?
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With you get:

  • Superior service
  • Advanced functionality
  • Your own online transactional management system
  • Comprehensive background checks
  • National Coverage
  • Powerful accessibility to various public records & pertinent informational reports
  • Free membership and no setup fees for qualified businesses & organizations

Taking a little time to perform a few background checks on your applicants reduces your exposure to risks associated with new tenants. In addition to pulling a credit report, running other searches on your applicants can prove to be very useful and informative. For example, running a criminal background check before you rent out an apartment can save you millions and help to maintain a safe and crime free community. Credit history will help you assess an applicant’s ability to pay the rent, but it won’t tell you if they are a child molester or a known terrorist. With repeat criminal offenders applying for rent, you need to keep your company, employees and residents as safe as you can. understands this, and provides its customers with a robust online system with access to the relevant data and reports you need to do your job better. Our expansive network of partners, national coverage, speed (for available instant orders), ease of use, affordability, level of service, commitment to data integrity, high level of privacy, secure network, accessibility to public records (and other informational reports), and the quality of our person to person reference checks (including our employment verifications and education verifications), gives us a competitive edge in the industry today. looks forward to becoming a valued asset to your company and hopes to assist you in your applicant screening and other informational needs.


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Criminal Background Checks
Criminal Background Checks

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