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Mega Screening is an online provider of Arizona background checks and pre-employment screening services throughout the USA. We offer Arizona employment screening, AZ tenant screening, and Arizona background screening which include Arizona criminal checks, AZ eviction records, Arizona driving records, professional reference, credential, education & employment verifications.
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Arizona Pre-Employment Screening - Arizona Employee Background Checks

Arizona Employee Background Checks
Criminal Background Checks - Instant Background Check Visit for a national background check or Arizona criminal background check. Get instant results without membership.
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Mega Screening offers the following services for Arizona:
Employment Screening Verification Services, Criminal Background Checks, SSN Trace & People Search, Tenant Screening.

Arizona Employment Screening Verification Services

Employment Verification Check – This service verifies an applicant’s previous or current employment, start date, end date, title, salary, and eligibility for rehire. All employment checks are conducted under the strict guidelines of the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)

Personal or Professional Reference Verification – This service attempts to obtain a personal or professional reference from a single specified reference provider such as a direct supervisor, friend, or associate.

Education Verification Check – This service attempts to obtain verification of the applicant’s school, dates of attendance, degree, and GPA (only when specifically requested).

Credentials Verification Check – This service attempts to obtain verification of the applicant’s license, certification, or credentials, the date issued, expiration date, and status with the issuing authority.

Arizona Criminal Background Checks and National Sex Offender Check

Arizona Instant Statewide Criminal Background Check [10 Data Sources Searched]
[Arizona is included in the National Criminal Background Check]

Arizona Courts Criminal Background Check:
This search includes current and historical conviction and arrest information on individuals who are or have been under the jurisdiction of the Arizona Court system. 137 of the 172 Justice, Municipal and Superior courts representing the 15 Arizona counties are reported in this database. As defined by the Arizona Supreme Court, Justice and Municipal courts handle minor traffic violations and minor crimes. The Superior courts handle serious criminal cases. Click Here to access a list of courts reporting to this database, as some counties are not fully represented by all courts. This information dates back a minimum of seven years. Monthly updates of the most current data available are provided.

Arizona Corrections Criminal Background Check:
This search includes conviction information on individuals that are or have been under the jurisdiction of the Arizona Department of Corrections. The data is comprised of current and historical felony information dating back to 1985. The jurisdiction provides monthly updates of the most current data available.

Maricopa County:
This database contains supplemental court data from Maricopa County Courts (1992) and Superior Court (1997). Record information includes felony and misdemeanor offenses. Monthly updates of the most current data available are provided.

Maricopa County Superior Archive:
This database contains historical conviction information on individuals who have been under the jurisdiction of the superior county circuit court system of Maricopa, Arizona. Record information is limited to Felonies with some gross misdemeanors. This is an archived database and does not have updates.

Mohave County:
This search includes the supplemental court data from Mohave County. Record information includes felony and misdemeanor offenses. This data dates back to 1995. Monthly updates of the most current data available are provided.

Pima County:
This search includes the criminal index of defendant names, case numbers and case filing dates for individuals with felony cases filed with the Office of the Clerk of Superior and Supreme Courts for Pima County, Arizona. The information dates back a minimum of seven years and monthly updates of the most current data available are provided.

Arizona Sex Offender Records Search:
This search includes currently registered sex and violent offenders with felony convection records. Data has been complied from all 50 states and The District of Columbia. Further investigations via US state government websites are strongly recommended. A Free National Sex Offender Check is Included with your National or Arizona Criminal Background Check.

Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Terrorist List and Federal/State/Local Fugitive List:
Alabama Crime Stoppers, Alabama Felony Fugitives, Anchorage PD, Arizona Department Of Corrections Wanted Persons, Bureau of ATF, Bureau of Criminal Investigations, California Department Of Corrections Wanted, California's LAPD, California's Wanted Persons, Colorado Bureau of Investigation Wanted Persons, Colorado Department Of Corrections Wanted, Connecticut Department of Correction Wanted, D.C. Most Wanted (Not ROC), D.C. U.S.Marshals Service, Delaware Department of Corrections, Delaware Most Wanted, FBI, Florida Department of Corrections, Florida's Fort Lauderdale PD, Florida's Jacksonville First Coast Fugitives, Florida's Tampa Police Most Wanted, GCB Most Wanted, Georgia Department of Corrections, Georgia's Atlanta Police, Hawaii's Honolulu's Crime Stoppers, Illinois Department of Corrections, Illinois State Police Wanted Persons, Indiana's Most Wanted, Interpol, Kansas Most Wanted, Kentucky State Police, Louisiana Baton Rouge Crime Stoppers, Louisiana Department of Corrections, Maryland's Baltimore Felons, Maryland's Most Wanted, Massachusetts Department of Corrections, Massachusetts Most Wanted, Michigan Corrections, Michigan State Police, Minnesota Department of Corrections, Minnesota's St Paul Police, Mississippi Department of Public Safety, Missouri's St. Louis Most Wanted, Montana Corrections, Nevada Attorney General Investigation Division, Nevada Department of Public Safety, Nevada's Las Vegas Metropolitan Police, Nevada's Most Wanted, New Jersey State Police, New Mexico Corrections Department, New York State Wanted, New York's NYC Most Wanted, North Carolina's Most Wanted, Ohio Department of Corrections, Ohio's Columbus Most Wanted, Oklahoma Corrections Wanted Persons, Oregon Department of Corrections, Pennsylvania Crime Stoppers, Pennsylvania State Police, Pennsylvania's Pittsburgh Most Wanted, Rhode Island Department of Corrections, Rhode Island State Police, ROC Central Most Wanted, ROC East Most Wanted, ROC North Most Wanted, South Carolina Wanted, South Dakota Department of Corrections, T.H.U.G.S., TBI Most Wanted, Tennessee Department of Corrections, Tennessee's Nashville Police, Texas Attorney General, Texas' Ten Most Wanted Fugitives, Tulsa's Most Wanted, U.S. Air Force OSI, U.S. Customs Service, U.S. DEA, U.S. Department of State, U.S. Marshals Service, U.S. Naval CIS, U.S. Postal service, U.S. Secret Service, Utah Corrections, Vermont U.S. Marshals Service, Virginia Corrections, Virginia State Police, Washington Field Division, West Virginia State Police, and WV Divisions of Corrections.

Non-Instant Arizona County Background Checks by
A County search includes felony and misdemeanor records from the past 7 years; performed by a professional court researcher. Results are returned in 1-4 business days.
Apache Background Check, Cochise Background Check, Coconino Background Check, Gila Background Check, Graham Background Check, Greenlee Background Check, La Paz Background Check, Maricopa Background Check, Mohave Background Check, Navajo Background Check, Pima Background Check, Pinal Background Check, Santa Cruz Background Check, Yavapai Background Check, Yuma Background Check

People Search and Profile Check

Instant Name and Address History Trace by Social Security Number (Address Trace by SSN) – This service pulls personal information connected with the entered social security number (SSN). These records include personal information like person’s name (including all names associated with that SSN), date of birth, age and previous addresses (including report dates for each address).

People Search  Accesses the industry’s largest databases of accessible information and searches records that cover recent relocation to historical addresses that date back more than thirty years. People Search uses this wide compilation of data sources to consistently deliver high quality matches for every search. People Search will display all known addresses, social security number, name(s), and phone numbers. **Note: Phone Numbers do not always get returned. PEOPLE SEARCH IS CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE, BUT WILL BE AVAILABLE SOON.

Arizona Driving Records Search - DMV/RMV History Report

Arizona Non-Instant Driving Records Search – DMV/MVR Check only $25
Arizona driving records (DMV, also known as MVR) are records that provide a history of violations, suspensions, and other details about a person's driving history.

Arizona Non-Instant DMV search goes back 39 months.

Information returned in the AZ driving records search includes: name, address, drivers license number, date of birth, gender, height, weight, eye color, hair color, class, issued, expires, reinstated date, commercial drivers license issued, commercial drivers license status, suspend license for unpaid out-of-state convictions, out of state convictions shown on drivers license record, out of state accidents shown on drivers license records (if sent electronically), convictions of out-of-state drivers sent to home state, record forwarded to new state upon surrender of license .

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