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A national provider of pre-employment screening services and employee background checks for human resource managers. Services include instant criminal background checks, sex offender search, name and address history trace by SSN, DMV driving records search, professional reference, credential, education & employment verifications.
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Employment Screening (Pre-Employment Services)

  Mega Pre-Employment Screening Services for Human Resources

MegaScreening offers a host of reports and services designed to give your company the information you need during the hiring process. Performing searches like a comprehensive criminal background check before you hire a new employee can save your company from big headaches, including monetary and legal costs. With repeat criminal offenders applying for work, you need to keep your company and your employees as safe as you can. Conducting a criminal background check, verifying education history, performing reference checks, and verifying the employment history and current status of an applicant are all important steps in due diligence for pre-employment screening.

Mega Screening’s services fulfill all the above requirements and are very easy to use, get returned to you promptly, and are provided at an affordable cost. Our reports will show if a potential employee has a criminal background record in the state or geographic region searched. Using our services including a criminal background check reduces your exposure to risks associated with new employees. Depending on your requirements we offer criminal background checks at the county, state, regional and national level. All our searches (with the exception of our county criminal search) include a social security search and national sex offender and terrorist search.

We will save your company time by performing employment verification’s on your behalf. During this process we discover your applicant’s previous and current employment status; including start dates, end dates, title, salary and eligibility for rehire. MegaScreening will also conduct personal and/or professional reference checks for you. This service attempts to obtain a personal or professional reference from a single specified reference provider such as a direct supervisor, friend or associate. You can choose up to ten reference questions from our standard menu that our staff will ask on your behalf. However, if you have your own unique set of questions you would like asked, just send them to us and we will use your questionnaire instead of our own.

Education verifications help in determining an applicant's qualifications for a specific job. If the education history of an applicant is important in your hiring decision, with MegaScreening you will have access to our education verification service. This service verifies an applicant’s school, dates of attendance, degree, and GPA (when requested). MegaScreening also offers certification/credentials verification, which verifies the authenticity of an applicant’s license, certification/credentials, and gives the date it was issued along with the expiration date (when applicable) and status of the issuing authority.

Employment Screening helps eliminate uncertainties in the hiring process and provides due diligence to law compliant firms. Mega Screening’s social security search and criminal background checks particularly help in a negligent hiring lawsuit. An employer has an obligation to maintain a safe working environment for all its employees. Negligent hiring lawsuits have found many employers responsible for their employees' actions even when an employee is not working at the time of the crime. Negligent hiring lawsuits have cost companies millions of dollars, and have even pushed some companies into bankruptcy. If protecting your company and your employees are important, MegaScreening can help you do just that.


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  Visit our partner site for national coverage of criminal background checks. Also offers County Criminal Checks which include felony and misdemeanor records from the past 7 years; performed by a professional court researcher.




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