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A national provider of pre-employment screening services and employee background checks for human resource managers. Services include instant criminal background checks, sex offender search, name and address history trace by SSN, DMV driving records search, professional reference, credential, education & employment verifications.
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  People Search

“With a little information you can find a lot”

With People Search you can initiate checks on backgrounds without having a Social Security Number. You can enter any combination of information you have, including last name, first name, Social Security Number, street address, city, state, zip code, phone number, date of birth, and/or age range and still get the results you are looking for.

People Search accesses the industry’s largest databases of accessible information and searches records that cover recent relocation to historical addresses that date back more than thirty years. People Search uses this wide compilation of data sources to consistently deliver high quality matches for every search.

Beyond using this tool for job applicants, People Search also has other practical business applications such as tracking beneficiaries, bill collections and delinquent account holders.

People Search is the most accurate and detailed source available for historical information on individuals.

How it works…

Enter any combination of information you have, such as last known street address and/or date of birth, and immediately all the results are displayed for you.

To maximize the accuracy of your results, enter the last known street address of the individual being looked up. The last known street address is the best single qualifier, if you only have one piece of data available. The last known street address by itself is the best single qualifier that provides the most accurate results out of all the possible data parts.

If there are too many records found, based on the information you entered, you are prompted to add other information to help you narrow your search.

What gets returned with your results…?

 People Search will display all known addresses, social security number, name(s), and phone numbers.
**Note: Phone Numbers do not always get returned.

Immediate results from People Search are available to MegaScreening members today.


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Criminal Background Checks

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